Prefoldin-6 and Life Extension Discovered
Prefoldin-6 and Life Extension Discovered
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2019.01.05 00:32
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▲Prof. Lee Seung-jae (LIFE)
▲Prof. Lee Seung-jae (LIFE)

Research team of Professor Lee Seung-jae (LIFE), Sohn Hee-hwa (LIFE Ph. D), Seo Geun-hee (LIFE Ph. D) revealed that the Prefoldin-6 (PFD-6) acts as the link between HSF-1 and FOXO transcription factors, which are known to induce longevity of life while insulin hormone signals are degraded. The study was published in Genes and Development, an international journal of genetics and developmental biology.

The team focused on PFD-6 in the intestinal and subcutaneous tissues. When the HSF-1 is activated while the insulin signal is degraded, PFD-6 increased the amount of proteins, which enabled FOXO transcription factors. Through this, the mechanism for increasing lifespan was understood. The study is significant in that HSF-1 and FOXO, known as the most important proteins for extending life span, worked together to demonstrate a mechanism for inducing healthy aging of living organisms.

Prof. Lee said, “Sine PFD-6, HSF-1, and FOXO are proteins well preserved in humans, there is a possibility that it can be applied to prolong human life and prevent and treat aging diseases in the future.”

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