Postech’s 32-Year Anniversary Ceremony Celebrated
Postech’s 32-Year Anniversary Ceremony Celebrated
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Postech members receiving 'Postechian Award'
Postech members receiving 'Postechian Award'


POSTECH was established in 1987. As the first research university in Korea, POSTECH aimed to serve humanity. POSCO, whose president at the time was Park Tae-joon, actively supported and proceeded to found POSTECH. The first president of POSTECH, Kim Ho-gil, specified the plan for POSTECH’S successful establishment that continues to this day. 32 years have passed since then. POSTECH has grown into a leading university worldwide, influencing society and industry in many positive ways.
The 32-year anniversary event was held in the Administration Building on Nov. 30, three days prior to the actual anniversary. Many people attended to grace the event, including the president of POSTECH, the Office of Research Affairs, the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs, and the Director of POSCO Headquarters. 
Firstly, the president of POSTECH, Kim Doh-Yeon gave a brief speech celebrating the anniversary. Then, awards for continuous dedication and work to Postech for ten, twenty, and thirty years were given to 58 professors and school staff to honor their commitment to the university. 19 professors and 16 administration staff members were awarded 30-year prizes with gift cards of 500,000 KRW. Five professors were awarded 20-year prizes with five grams of gold, and six professors and 12 administration staff members were awarded 10-year prizes with four grams of gold. Each session had a commemorative photograph taken, while the families and friends of faculty congratulated the awardees with cheers and bundles of flowers.
Following the service awards, seven people carried off the ‘Postechian award’ with proud honor. The awards were divided by education, research, service and innovation/achievement. Engraved on the award are the words, “While holding the office, the awardee has contributed to the development of science and technology in Korea by devoting oneself to education and research. We present the honorable ‘Postechian award’ to the awardee for contributing to POSTECH’s educational development by instructing students.”
Lastly, a Korean rice cake cutting ceremony followed. The president of the University Council offered a toast with wine and shared pleasant conversation with the faculty. The 32-year anniversary came to an end with cheerful toasts with all participants in an enjoyable mood.

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