POSTECH Microscope: Campus Police
POSTECH Microscope: Campus Police
  • Reporter Kim Seo-yeon
  • 승인 2018.12.12 13:35
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Cheif Ahn (Left) and Cheif Son
Cheif Ahn (Left) and Cheif Son


The majority of Postechians must have seen the Campus Police (CP) at least once. Students who have had difficulties walking up and down the 78 Stairs rode the CP car to and from classes; those who were injured riding motorbikes were brought to emergency rooms by the CP; a few who were a bit too drunk from a heavy night out were escorted to their rooms with the CP’s help. However, not many of us know a lot about these helpful people. That’s why The Postech Times interviewed Ahn Ho-won, the Security Chief, and Son Gil-ho, the Patrol Chief. 

“How large is the staff of Campus Police?” 
Chief Ahn explained, “There are 23 Campus Police in total who work for the security of the University. I am the Security Chief who oversees the security, and there are two Patrol Chiefs, including Chief Son Gil-ho. There are two people working in the Situation Room for 24 hours - 12 hours shifts each. There are also security guards in the library, the POSTECH Gymnasium, and the RC dormitory. A force of twenty-three work on shifts 365 days per year, seven days per week.”

“What exactly do the Campus Police do?”
Chief Son answered, “We work for the university’s security and the university’s members’ safety. As soon as I arrive at work at 6:30 AM, I go on a campus-wide patrol. Generally, the daily patrol involves the CP performing a school facilities check; turning off lights that are unnecessarily on, looking for any failed CCTVs, controlling illegal parking and reporting any illegal banners. We also look out for suspicious people that do not seem like members of the university and inspect them.  During the night, we again undergo a facilities check, lock the classrooms and public classrooms to prevent any crimes such as theft or damage to property at 00:00 AM We also escort students who cannot walk due to injuries to their rooms, and if there are any students who were injured playing sports, depending on the severity of the injury, we call the ambulance or take the student over to the emergency rooms ourselves. We also escort students who get a bit too drunk and pass out to their rooms.”

“When does the CP go on an emergency response?”
Chief Son explained,“If there are any fires, we hurry over to the area since early fire suppression is crucial. Although 95% of the fire alarms are not triggered by actual fires, for that 5% we always respond and check it out.” Chief Ahn also mentioned, “There is a security system all over the residential area, such as Posville. If there is any movement on the walls of buildings or windows, an alarm goes off. Although the alarm is usually set off due to flying animals or the residents, we always respond and check it out - just in case.”
Both added, “We are always really concerned about the students’ safety and well-being. We would like to encourage students to always wear helmets when riding motorbikes and electric scooters. Also, we do understand that students get excited after exams and during festivals, but we encourage students to not drink too much and to always have a friend who will take care of them.”

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