Event to Explain the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018
Event to Explain the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018
  • Reporter Kim Seo-yeon
  • 승인 2018.11.29 11:15
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A chemistry student disguised as G. Smith is introducing 'himself'
A chemistry student disguised as G. Smith is introducing 'himself'


On Nov. 7, the Department of Chemistry invited students to an event called ‘Al SSeul No Hwa’, a Korean abbreviation meaning ‘Nobel Prize in Chemistry worth knowing of’. Kim Jung-rak of the chemistry administration team explained that the objective of the event was to introduce the 2018 Chemistry Nobel Prize and specifically explain the winners’ passion, effort, and process regarding their research; he further declared that such an event would provide chemistry undergraduates and freshmen who will possibly partake in the course an opportunity to prepare for, and speculate on their studies and research in the future.
The main host of the event was Park Ha-yoon majoring in chemistry and the assistant host was Chung Woo-sung, the student president of the Department of Chemistry. Professors of the department also participated in the event: Professor Chang Young-tae, Associate Professor Cho Seung-hwan, Associate Professor Lim Hyun-suk, and Professor Ban Chang-ill. About 50 students participated in the event and most of them were students taking the course ‘Introduction to Chemistry’. 
The event mainly consisted of a video on the 2018 Nobel Prize in chemistry, explanations on the Nobel Prize, and a Q&A session. The audience watched a brief video on the Nobel Prize and the Nobel Prize winning research, and then three chemistry students disguised as the three Chemistry Nobel Prize winners – F. Arnold, G. Smith, and Sir G. Winter – gave a more detailed explanation on the winners’ backgrounds, majors, and research to the audience. Afterwards, students in the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and the professors of the Department of Chemistry gave them detailed explanations.
Three quizzes were conducted throughout the event, and the winner of each round won a prize. The prize included movie tickets, 64 GB USBs, and humidifiers. Both students and professors participated in the quizzes.

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