Battery Capable of Being Charged in Six Minutes Invented
Battery Capable of Being Charged in Six Minutes Invented
  • Reporter Song Sung-chan
  • 승인 2018.11.29 11:13
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Prof. Park Moon-jeong
Prof. Park Moon-jeong

With electrical technologies evolving rapidly, such as electric cars and electric airplanes, the importance of batteries is underscored.
Professor Park Moon-jeong (CHEM) has been put in the spotlight with her battery that can be fully charged in six minutes.
When sulfur is used in a battery, it has an advantage of giving the battery a significantly higher energy density, thus capacity, compared to a lithium ion battery of the same volume or mass. However, the downside of the sulfur battery is sulfur’s low electrical conductivity, which leads to slower charging, and sulfur’s elution into the electrolyte that drastically lowers the battery’s efficiency.
Prof. Park’s research team invented a vulcanized-macromolecule, which shows significant improvement in electrochemical characteristics, by implementing diatomic linker-molecules. The vulcanized-macromolecule effectively hampered the elution of sulfur through its strong chemical interaction with polysulfide. Also, the vulcanized-macromolecule showed conductivity 450 times higher than that of sulfur. As a result, the battery showed capacitance of 833mAh/g at 10C, a performance that has never been recorded before.

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