POSTECH ranked 1st in ‘Innoversity’ and ‘Engineering Department’
POSTECH ranked 1st in ‘Innoversity’ and ‘Engineering Department’
  • Reporter Kim Seo-yeon
  • 승인 2018.11.29 11:12
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Prof. Cho(left) observing the artificial structure constructed
Prof. Cho(left) observing the artificial structure constructed


POSTECH ranked 1st in ‘Innoversity’, 1st in ‘Engineering’, and 2nd in ‘Natural Sciences’ in the ‘2018 JoongAng Ilbo University Evaluation’ conducted by Korea’s JoongAng Daily (KJD). 
KJD first introduced ‘Innoversity’ (the combination of ‘innovation’ and ‘university’) this year in order to evaluate the universities’ capability in leading world science and technology innovation through research achievements. Our university ranked 1st in the industry-university cooperation research ratio, and in the Patent Application rate to the US, China, Japan, and Europe, ranking 1st overall in ‘Innoversity’.
KJD claimed that POSTECH has achieved overwhelming results in the publication of thesis, invention, and patent fields, and emphasized that the inventions of Professor Lee Jong-lam (MSE) were the most outstanding. Prof. Lee explained that the university’s support was the background for his outstanding performance.
As well, POSTECH ranked 1st in Engineering and 2nd in Natural Sciences, both this year and last year respectively. Specifically, in ‘Professor Research’, POSTECH ranked 1st in ‘Innoversity’, ‘Natural Science’, and ‘Engineering’, illustrating once again the high research standards of the university.
KJD explained the outstanding ranking of POSTECH in ‘Engineering’ by introducing 3D printing technology, conducted by Professor Cho Dong-woo (ME), used to artificially produce organs and humans. KJD stressed that research achievements were attracting international attention and the strong financial support from the university.
In addition, the newspaper referred to the high-level participation of POSTECH students in field practice as one of POSTECH’s many strengths.
KJD conducts ‘Comprehensive Evaluation’ and ‘Series Evaluation’ annually, and POSTECH, a university of science and technology, is included in the ‘Series Evaluation’ only.

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