The World First Textbook about Cucurbiturils has been Published
The World First Textbook about Cucurbiturils has been Published
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2018.10.10 19:16
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Prof. Kim Ki-moon (CHEM)
Prof. Kim Ki-moon (CHEM)


Professor Kim Ki-moon (CHEM) has published the world’s first book on, ‘Cucurbiturils: Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry and Applications’ through World Scientific.

Publication of the first text book in the field of Cucurbiturils, is significant in that it presents a benchmark for future study of Cucurbiturils. Prof. Kim is a world authority in the field of Supramolecular Chemistry, and has also contributed to the development of nanotechnology and biotechnologies based upon it. 

The book discusses the development of research related to the history of Cucurbiturils, interaction with various molecules, and the summary of recent results of the host-guest chemistry. It also comments on new challenges and opportunities based on it

Prof. Kim said, “It is an essential guide for researchers who have been newly introduced to supramolecular chemistry, as well as scientists who are currently conducting research.”, “In order to develop new technologies and application studies, we can use the information on it as a reference for recent research trends.” 

Meanwhile, Prof. Kim added the significance of the publication by announcing that he would donate all copyright payments to POSTECH for education.

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