Microfluidics Opens Up the Possibility of Mass Production of Fine Particles
Microfluidics Opens Up the Possibility of Mass Production of Fine Particles
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2018.09.19 22:03
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Microfluidics is a study of systems that can process small quantities of fluids by using micro-channels smaller than one millimeter in at least one dimension. It is viewed as an essential tool for life science research, or in a larger way, biotechnologies. However, it has been difficult to commercialize this technology; taking a great deal of time and effort due to its fine and sophisticated technologies. 

Professor Lee Hyo-min (CE), Choi Chang-hyung (CET, Daegu Haany University), and David Weitz (PHYS, Harvard University) have developed a microfluidic technology that can continuously produce water droplets by controlling the precise flow of fluids. They also announced a manufacturing method and a direction for the application. 

The research team controlled the flow of fluid to create sophisticated water droplets with multiple phases. For this material, not only can a variety of functional materials be placed in a desired location, but also can physical and chemical processes be used to protect biomaterials from the outside environment. In addition, under certain conditions it can selectively release drugs and biomolecules. Through this method, functional materials containing sophisticated structures can be produced in large quantities through a continuous process. 

“Various technologies that utilize microfluidics will be developed and could be a breakthrough in commercialization of these technologies as a result of this paper.” Prof. Lee stated. The results of this research was published in the Chemical Society Review.