Start the Start-up!
Start the Start-up!
  • Reporter Song Sung-chan
  • 승인 2018.05.30 21:03
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On May 10, 2018, the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT) has signed a university-industry cooperation agreement with five institutes of science and technology (POSTECH, UNIST, KAIST, DGIST, and GIST) to secure high-quality jobs in the STEM field by industrializing outstanding researches and bankrolling innovative start-up. Through this agreement, KODIT and the five universities will (1) recommend outstanding start-up business inside those universities (2) support those businesses both financially and non-financially (3) mutually cooperate to vitalize start-ups through the means of start-up conference and et al.

KODIT plans to use its support program called Campus Start-up Guarantee to bankroll up to six billion KRW with deduction in guaranteed fee of 0.3% for five years, preferred application of 90% guaranteed rate, and exemption of credit check commission but without the need of a joint surety. This Campus Start-up Guarantee program was established by KODIT  last May and has bankrolled 64.2 billion KRW to as much as 130 start-up businesses in 40 universities including Seoul National University and Korea University. KODIT wishes to expand this program through the agreement with the five science and technology universities.

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