Earthquake Drill Conducted
Earthquake Drill Conducted
  • Reporter Lee Jun-yong
  • 승인 2018.05.10 10:27
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▲Students are being informed about a recommended pose during evacuation
▲Students are being informed about a recommended pose during evacuation

POSTECH conducted evacuation drills to prepare for sudden earthquakes. Due to the two massive earthquakes that struck Pohang in Nov. 2017 and Feb. 2018, the need to train and experience evacuation came to the fore. The drills were conducted individually by each building and its respective departments. From mid-April to May, most buildings and departments practiced evacuating.

The goal of the drills is relatively simple: to experience evacuation and to be aware of nearby evacuation spots. The evacuation spots are wide vacant lots with no structures, mostly parking lots, grass fields, and sports grounds. The practice started with an announcement informing the commencement of it. People in the building should stay under the table for two minutes, and then evacuate the building using the stairs. Once gathered at the evacuation spot, a person from the Safety Office educated about evacuation and earthquakes shortly.

Evacuation Guides were provided via email to school members. According to the guide, it is not safe to move during the shaking. It is rather recommended to stay under a table to prevent injury from the falling objects. It is also important to open the door to secure an exit and shut off the gas and electricity to prevent secondary accidents. When the shaking stops, evacuating the building is most important. Stairs must be used during this process. Once outside, unsecured objects, such as brick walls and vending machines, should be avoided.

A notable aspect of the evacuation drill was that it was customized to the characteristic of the buildings. For example, in the residential area, since most people are likely to experience the earthquake while sleeping, using pillows and blankets for cover was recommended. Also, people were informed to be aware of heavy and tall furniture, such as wardrobes and bookshelves. Meanwhile, the library prohibited the 5th floor exit, for the bridge could be dangerous in extreme situations.

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