Yonsei President Lectures at POSTECH
Yonsei President Lectures at POSTECH
  • Reporter Lee Jun-yong
  • 승인 2018.04.18 16:48
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▲President Kim Yong-hak delivering a lecture at POSTECH auditorium
▲President Kim Yong-hak delivering a lecture at POSTECH auditorium

POSTECH invited Kim Yong-hak, the president of Yonsei University, for a special lecture on March 12. President Kim visited Pohang and delivered a speech he prepared specifically for freshmen. The speech was delivered in POSTECH’s auditorium, with the topic, ‘I have so many ‘me’s inside’. During the lecture, President Kim acknowledged the fact that a person has many different personalities and characteristics. He then questioned the audience about what they truly need to do as a college freshman, whether they would choose to achieve licenses and official test scores to fortify one’s portfolio in order to reach one’s goals, or have various experiences and build a unique, meaningful life story. Accordingly, President Kim advised the freshmen to keep pursuing the meaning of life to ripen the passion that fuels discoveries.

President Kim graduated from the Department of Sociology at Yonsei University and received his Ph. D. from the University of Chicago. He is well known for his research on the social network, which analyzes the relationship between humans in order to explain social phenomenon. He was the first to research and teach social networks inside our nation, and his lectures are famous amongst Yonsei students for being educational and useful.

This special lecture was targeted mainly at freshmen, who arrived at POSTECH with ‘undeclared major’, due to the new school policy that started from 2018. Since 2018, POSTECH has renewed their educational system, focusing on experiential education and nourishing the ability of creative thinking. Also, in order to cultivate student leadership abilities, POSTECH plans to provide speeches and lectures from well established leaders of society.

This lecture delivered by President Kim, is a memorable index of the partnership between the two universities. The lecture was notably the first interaction between the two universities after March 5, the date they officially proclaimed to open and share their respective campuses.

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