The First Living Neuron Observed Using Hyper Lens
The First Living Neuron Observed Using Hyper Lens
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▲Prof. Rho Jun-suk
▲Prof. Rho Jun-suk

A hyper lens developed by a domestic research team has achieved the living neuron observation for the first time. The research team by Professor Rho Jun-suk (ME) and Lee Da-sol (ME, Ph.D. Candidate) produced a 4-inch-scaled hyper lens. This led to the result that the team succeeded in observing the cell under the diffraction limit scale. This result was introduced in ACS Photonics. In an optical microscope, if the scale of the target is smaller than the wavelength of the light that the target reflects, which is called the diffraction limit, an observer cannot distinguish the target. Using a hyper lens, an observer can surmount the diffraction limit. However, there was a problem in that it is hard to place the sample in the right position because of the fine size of a hyper lens. The team produced the hyper lens based on the nanoimprinting technology and aligned the hyper lenses side by side, and finally developed the new 4-inch-scaled device. Prof. Rho mentioned that “The new hyper lens device can be detachable easily and greatly improved the performance of optical microscope because of cost reduction”. He also added that “The device will have various uses in bio, pathology, medical and nanoscience.”

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