Variable Focus Liquid Lens Developed
Variable Focus Liquid Lens Developed
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2018.02.09 12:47
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Professor Kim Dong-sung (ME) and Professor Kim Chul-hong (CiTE) team, developed a variable focus liquid lens and applied it to photoacoustic imagining devices to obtain high-quality biomedical images. Unlike fixed type solid lenses, liquid lenses have the flexibility to change the lens shape freely.
The team developed a new concept liquid lens that can prevent the occurrence of electrolysis and adjust the focus freely and stably. The developed liquid lens adjusts the focus in two ways: vibration mode and static mode. This focus change is expected to be applied to scan image information from a thick 3D object.
The team is the first that have have obtained images of a live mouse’s ears and brain blood vessels with liquid lenses. Also, they proved the focus of a photoacoustic imaging device can be actively controlled thorough the association between the focus of the liquid lens and the intensity of the photoacoustic signal.
Prof. Kim said, “This technique can be applied to obtaining high-quality images of living tissues and lesions in future surgical and imaging procedures. Moreover, it can be applied widely to new industries.”

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