POSTECH Wins ONOS Build 2017
POSTECH Wins ONOS Build 2017
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2017.11.01 14:31
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▲ Prof. Hong Won-ki and his fellow graduate students are proudly holding the award
A team consisting of DPNM (Distributed Processing & Network Management) laboratory graduate students under the guidance of Professor Hong Won-ki (CSE), Jeong Se-yeon (CSE, MS Candidate), Lee Do-yeong (CSE, Ph.D. Integrated), Choi June-muk (CSE, Ph.D. Integrated), and Tu Van Nguyen (CSE, MS Candidate) achieved victory in the ONOS Build 2017’s Hackathon, held last Sep. 20 to 22, at the Samsung Electronics R&D Center in Seoul.
ONOS Build 2017 is a festival held by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), with the sponsorship of Samsung Electronics. ONOS stands for Open Network Operating system. Various activities were conducted during the three days, including a science fair, a speech from the vice president of SK Telecom, a showcase from Samsung Electronics, and the Hackathon concerning the open networking system. ONOS Build 2017 was the second ONOS Build festival; the first event was held in Paris last year. 
The Hackathon was definitely the highlight of ONOS BUILD 2017. The Hackathon is a composition term of ‘Hacking’ and ‘Marathon’, representing an event where participants collaboratively code without any break time, usually taking over a day. In ONOS BUILD 2017, the Hackathon was held for two days. Teams of developers competed to create a ‘Tap feature’ which is critical to analyze and manage data traffic on a network using a virtualization solution. After two days of fierce coding, the POSTECH team was selected as athewinner. It was an impressive result since they achieved victory while competing among the most prominent developers from industries and institutes inside and outside the country.
Moreover, team members decided to donate the winning prize of 1.5 million KRW to a department development fund. This team also donated 4 million KRW which was awarded from the previous competition.