Optical Diode Using Symmetry-breaking Metamaterials
Optical Diode Using Symmetry-breaking Metamaterials
  • Reporter Lee Ha-jun
  • 승인 2017.11.01 14:26
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▲ Kim Min-kyung (left), Prof. Rho Jun-suk
Using optical diodes in electronic devices are beneficial; by means of light, data processing speed can be enhanced, energy loss is reduced, and miniaturization is possible. However, because of light’s diffraction and interference, technology that can control light is necessary. Kim Min-kyung (ME, Ph.D. Integrated) and Professor Rho Jun-suk (ME, CE) have developed an optical diode that gives one-way light flow using symmetry-breaking metamaterials. Originally, the flow of an optical diode’s light is symmetrical, but using metamaterials, the research team broke this symmetry. By giving a one-way flow of light, controlling light’s flow was possible, and this lead to overcoming the unnecessary diffraction limits of nano-devices. Also, the high-speed optical computing and materialization of light integrated circuits in the semiconductor process have become possible. Metamaterials were originally used in low frequencies, but in this study, it was used in near infrared radiation domain (100~200THz), expected to be applied in real life. Prof. Rho Said “Proposing an optical diode equivalent to the original diode is meaningful, and miniaturization technology appliance in real life is expected.” This development was announced in the academic journal Advanced Optical Material.