Campus Slide is Almost Ready!
Campus Slide is Almost Ready!
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2017.11.01 13:39
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  ▲ The draft picture of the Campus Slide
In August 2014, the Campus Slide project was started. It was the first funding project of ‘Geek On Campus’, the POSTECH crowdfunding platform established by PODO, the IT service team of POSTECH Graduates Alumni. At first, the project aimed to build a slide at the 78 Stairs because there was a plan to build a slide there for celebrating the Sunrise Festival (it was canceled because of the budget problem.), and necessity for the convenient use of the 78 Stairs, and according to the survey by Geek On Campus, the 78 Stairs received the most votes. The Project Manager (PM) was inspired from the slide at the Technische Universität München. He expected for Postechians to have fun with the slide and for local residents to enjoy it.
With Postechians’ enthusiastic response, for just nine days, the target of four million KRW was achieved, and for a more high-quality slide, the project team started a second funding, which was targeting to raise ten million KRW. With 12 million KRW donated by 228 alumni and the rest of 42 million KRW (the quotation for the slide) was donated by, the construction company. The steel slide was decided to be built at the 78 Stairs, but the angle of inclination of the 78 Stairs was less than the required minimum angle. After the donor survey, in November 2014, it was decided to build the slide at the Student Union Building.
 While the project was making slow progress, there were several reproaches and speculations between Postechians, but there were many difficulties. First, it was not only on the PM. The construction company, offices of POSTECH including Office of Student Affairs, and the PM should discuss and decide together about the project. Delays were inevitable in case of change of business department or emergency situation. Moreover, the person in charge of the company sometimes was out of touch, which also caused delays. Second, the steps for decisions needed votes. Making voting forms, voting, and sharing results also created  delays. As not only one vote, but several votes were carried, delays became longer. Park Jin-woo (MSE 14) said groundless rumors were also part of the difficulties. But he said “I think it is the fault of the PM because it happened due to infrequently shared progress details with members and donors.”
 Last July, the private contract came into order. According to the company, it would take about four months for manufacturing, import and customs clearance. And about three days would be needed for actual installation. Hence, this November, Postechians will be able to see and use the Campus Slide in Student Union Building. As according to the draft picture, the slide will be installed next to the elevator. Therefore, the guideline to prevent collisions between passengers and pedestrians will be installed which will be done after installing the slide and then checking how much additional length is needed through a test run. After completion, Undergraduate Association will be in charge of management and maintenance of the slide. The completion ceremony is undecided yet, and if it is held, it will be in late December.