POSEF and Day Booths of 2017 Sunrise Festival
POSEF and Day Booths of 2017 Sunrise Festival
  • Reporter Kim Su-min, Park Hee-
  • 승인 2017.05.24 20:34
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POSEF and 2017 Student Festival were held from May 10 to 12. This year, its slogan was ‘YOLO’ which means ‘You Only Live Once!’. It implies ‘Let’s enjoy this priceless time that will never return’. It consisted of day booths, night booths and POSEF as an independent program. Similar to the previous festivals, performances started from 7 P.M. in the evening. Many students only interested in fancy performances might have wondered what events were to take place before sunset. The answer is POSEF held first 2017 and day booth whose participation rate was not that great until last year. However, thanks to new festival preparatory committee, few aspects of festival were newly modified and attracted a lot of people.
First, there was POSTECH Science and Engineering Festival (POSEF) on May 12. POSEF is the festival where POSTECH students make and display diverse engineering products with their major knowledge. It provided great chance for everyone including Pohang citizens to experience science and engineering easily and interestingly. Han Cheol-hee (MSE 13), the POSEF Organizer ,said the organizers hope POSEF to become the opportunity that not only the next generations but also the community members to get interested in the natural science and engineering through the communication with POSTECH students.
Nam Ye-ryeong from Pohang Jecheol Middle School said that she came to POSEF with her schoolmates due to the suggestion of her math teacher and the Pepe Tear Dispenser was the most impressive. Gang Yeong-ju, the science teacher of Pohang Jecheol Dong Elementary School said that she could not come to POSEF with her students because of the time issue, so next year she will plan in advance to participate in POSEF with them. Both of them expressed their awe to the students for organizing and hosting their own events.
Second, festival provided differentiated ways in processing events compared to former ones. In terms of people in charge of booths, ad posters recruiting members had a great effect that many applied for booths. In terms of participants, committee prepared efficient arrangement of booths for them to enjoy entertainments. They could have pleasant hours by maximizing their moving lines efficiency. Plus, people were made to spend much more time looking around relative more time-consuming booths. ‘Water gun fight’, ‘Shooting’, ‘Casino’, ‘Perfect singer’, ‘Heroes of 78’, ‘Angry bird’, ‘Ghost house’ and ‘Win the committee’ were planning booths this year. There was a new project for most fraternal associations in POSTECH; #YOLO image edit event, too.
Plastic tables and chairs were borrowed from other business enterprises, and sun screens between each tent were installed by last year participants’ complaints on several difficulties. Like this, many advices shall be suggested this year in order to make future festivals better. Not only the organizing committee but everyone should lead this kind of event by giving feedback. 2017 festival featured POSEF which was first held this year. We eagerly expect POSEF to be important part of student festival in the future.