Ways to Spend the Best Freshmen Life
Ways to Spend the Best Freshmen Life
  • Lim Jun-young (ME 16)
  • 승인 2017.03.15 11:28
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About a year ago, I was a freshman of POSTECH. Last year was such an important time because I thought it was time to enter a new world and no longer limit “studying” to school. In my memory, this young student, filled with excitement, expected an adventure ahead of him. It was too short for a young student wanting to experience everything in one year, and now, it is time to become a sophomore. Now, there are new freshmen hoping for a new change and wonderful experiences. In order to help them spend a wonderful freshman year, I would like to introduce some activities that made my freshmen life wonderful.
The first thing I would like recommend is joining the POSTECH_KAIST Science War preparation team. We made videos, T-shirts, bottles and many booths so that students could enjoy the festival. We prepared everything related to the Science War, including changing the schedule because of an earthquake. There were many hardships and we worked very hard to run the event without trouble. After the festival, the accomplishment was so amazing. I was so proud I had been part of the festival and contributed to students making wonderful memories.
The second thing I recommend is becoming a part of the Student Union. Last year, the members I met there were awesome. Their focus in gathering students’ opinions about what needs to be improved in the campus and implementing those suggests was truly amazing. While in the union, I learned how to deal with business people and I made many deep relationships with various people. In addition, the activities were fun.
My last recommendation is being one of the leaders of the freshmen orientation program. I think I was very lucky to spend time with the 2017 freshmen before the beginning of the semester. It was a very special experience because I had never been a leader others looked up to. This gave me some pressure, but also some confidence. Actually, I enjoyed those situations and tried to teach freshmen a lot. I was very proud of myself that I overcame the embarrassment of speaking in front of people and was able to help freshmen learn how to live on the campus.
Last year, I did many things, trying to learn everything that I had never experienced. There were many obstacles, including human relationships, grades, and time management. I tried to think that every moment was special to me, and I simply absorbed all the experiences. I finished my freshman life with success and development. I hope the 2017 freshmen spend a meaningful year too!