Teenagers Having Their Jobs
Teenagers Having Their Jobs
  • Jeon Ha-eun (IME 15)
  • 승인 2017.03.01 23:54
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In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Some adults and teenagers might think this is a good idea. However, I disagree with this idea for two reasons. First, teenagers are young. They should be supported from their parents or teachers to find and pursue their dream. Their most important task should be developing themselves mentally because many teenagers have problems standing the pressure of life. Second, the discrimination of the employers would harm the teenagers because the employers tend to undermine teenage employees. Teenagers are placed in a dangerous situations because employers usually require teenager employees to do dirty and dangerous jobs. For these reasons, teenagers should not have jobs.
First, teenagers are too young to have their own jobs. They undergo hard times because of the confusion of their identity and value. Under these circumstances, they will become more fatigued if they get their own jobs. The reason why most of the people around the world puts teenagers under 20 into school necessary is that during that age, it is crucial to establish their mental in a proper way. Supported by their parents and teachers, teenagers must build up their base for their beautiful future instead of having jobs.
Second, a lot of employers treat teenager employees unequally. They offer teenagers less wages than the minimum wage, and require them to work overtime without extra pays. Furthermore, they do not respect their rights, and these situations leads to the capitalist exploitation. Teenagers on that age learn a lot of things from their surroundings, and the workplaces, which include people such as mean employers, are not a suitable place for teenagers to learn and form habits.
Last, most of the teenager employees are in potential danger because their employers let them do dirty and dangerous jobs. For example, employers require them to ride a bike for the delivery even though they do not have a driving license. Some teenagers end up getting into an accident, but in majority cases, employers do not take the responsibility of it. For teenagers to safely grow up, they should avoid these dangerous jobs that employers give, by not having a job in their age.
To conclude, for teenagers to grow up upright, having jobs during their ages is not recommended. They are yet too young to experience the unfairness of the society. In addition, employers` attitudes on teenagers are mostly unacceptable. In my opinion, government should make the law providing the teenager`s right because some teenagers inevitably must have jobs for their living even though they are still students.