Celebrating POSTECH 30th Anniversary: Welcome, Alumnus!
Celebrating POSTECH 30th Anniversary: Welcome, Alumnus!
  • Reporter Park Geun-woo
  • 승인 2017.01.01 17:04
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On Dec. 3, POSTECH’s actual anniversary, a campus-wide welcoming event for alumni was held. The homecoming event consisted of four parts: departmental events, POSTECH Running Man (campus tour program), main ceremony with banquet, and performances by current and past music group members. 
Events by each department, which had an assortment of seminars, conferences, mentoring sessions, awards ceremony, etc., started at 10 A.M. (Industrial & Management Engineering Concert), and continued on until late afternoon. A more formal ceremony was held at the gymnasium. Red carpet was stationed at the entrance of the gymnasium, photo walls were installed for member-to-member celebration, and Cheero, POSTECH’s cheering squad, welcomed the alumni with performances as well. Many performing groups participated in this evening, and to help make the anniversary a very lively event. At this event, alumnus donated seven hundred thirty million won.

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