Ideas Meet Technology, Makerthon
Ideas Meet Technology, Makerthon
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2016.12.07 11:05
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On Nov. 26, the second MAKERS contest was held in POSTECH NINT (National Institute of Nanomaterials Technology). The MAKERS contest supports the “Makerthon.” The focus of this year’s contest was making new items that will nurture our daily lives. Participants dealt with long-term steps of creating new items from idea suggestions to prototype making. Therefore, it was named “Makerthon.” A total of six teams were selected. Among those six teams, four teams were from POSTECH and the other two teams were from Sunlin University. Through the orientation conducted two weeks ago, they learned how to use open source data and technologies like 3D-printing and laser cutting. Four teams received prizes: Grand Prize, Top Excellence prize, Excellence Prize, and Participation Prize. Makerthon is open to every person.
The third MAKERS contest is also expected to bring together various talented people around POSTECH. 

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