Subtle Experiences and Changes May not Be So Subtle
Subtle Experiences and Changes May not Be So Subtle
  • YuSun Chung
  • 승인 2016.12.07 11:03
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One of the most treasured experiences we keep in our memory is the times we have spent with the people we love. In this case, it would be the people I worked with as a reporter. But what made my experience even more invaluable is that it was the root cause that changed my perspective.
As reporters are the ones who come up with ideas to write about in the articles, I started to search for events and issues in our school. My primarily focus was on the cause of campus issues, and what opinions or feelings students would have. This perspective brought out my curious nature. The beauty of being a reporter is that one does not have to stop at being curious. There is a certain privilege that enables reporters to contact professionals for the reasons behind certain phenomena as the identity of a reporter. In a world where information is key, being a reporter can enrich one’s experience.
A unique view of the The Postech Times may be that it gives one an indirect experience of an organization like the ones in society, especially if one becomes the Editor in Chief. As a leader, one needs to learn how to motivate fellow reporters while at the same time, give them discipline. Moreover, as there are several meetings with our elders such as the Professor Editor, we get to learn the subtle, implicit rules of society. For example, we should follow the reporting system of A→ B→C, and not skip A→C. It is important to keep all members informed well and beware of our communication skills.
Depending on the characteristics of the Editor in Chief, the colors of The Postech Times are slightly different. The audience of the newspaper, and what it brings to the audience may differ. Whereas The Postech Times was sensitive in addressing current issues in the Korean society, as the newspaper may then be no different from the other Korean newspapers, the recent editions of The Postech Times embed several hot issues in Korea. I think it is a delightful change, as it could keep the ever so busy Postechians updated and intrigued into matters of society. Though it is still important for The Postech Times to represent our school, it is also important to keep our students close to society, and bring out their voices. The subtle changes of The Postech Times made over a period of time has brought out noticeable changes since its first edition.
Understanding how demanding it is to be a Postechian as well as a reporter, I would like to say I am proud of my juniors for keeping up the good work. Even if it is not so evident at the moment, they may find that the experience itself was an invaluable one to treasure over years.