2016 TEDx POSTECH: Unlimited
2016 TEDx POSTECH: Unlimited
  • Reporter Park Geun-Woo
  • 승인 2016.11.09 19:43
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On Nov. 5, 3rd TEDxPOSTECH took place at POSCO International Center for the afternoon. This year, TEDxPOSTECH wound around one main theme, ‘unlimited.’ TEDxPOSTECH sought to discuss impactful perspectives to diversified limits and boundaries.
The guest speakers in the first session includes artist Min-Gi Jung, representative of Stress Company Nam-Hee Lee, and POSTECH alumnus Cho-Yeop Kim. During the second part of the event, dancer Jin-Soo Cho, director of Korea Memory Sports Council Gye-Won Jung, and professor Hyeong-Chul Kim from Yonsei University took the floor.
In the first part of the event, artist Min-Gi Jung showed how he had surpassed the limitations of his tool (sewing machine). CEO Nam-Hee Lee talked about how she utilized stress as constructive energy. In the following sessions, unforgettable performances and stunning lectures carried on.