Earthquake Hit Korea, and POSTECH
Earthquake Hit Korea, and POSTECH
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2016.09.28 22:32
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On Sep. 12 at 19:45, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale was followed about an hour later by the strongest earthquake to hit Korea in decades. The seismic epicenter was located in southwest Gyung-ju. Damage to several buildings of POSTECH has been reported. Cracks were found on the 20th dormitory, village for the department of Chemistry, and even C5. Furthermore, in third village, there was a helium gas leak, which doesn't have any harmful effect, but could be interpreted other gases also could have been leaked as a result of the earthquake.
According to the Facilities Management’s post on Povis, buildings in POSTECH are earthquake-resistant, designed to endure an earthquake with up to six magnitudes. Also, the team has investigated the damages on buildings for repair.
A week after the first earthquakes, another quake with 4.5 magnitude was felt again. However, because of the experience on Sep. 12, students evacuated quickly and safely.