Explanation of LG Global Challengers Held by Postechians Efforts
Explanation of LG Global Challengers Held by Postechians Efforts
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2016.04.06 17:07
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On Mar. 28, an explanation about LG Global Challenger was held at 5 p.m. in a medium-size auditorium in Information Research Laboratories. LG Global Challenger is a program that gathers students for a survey of a specific subject related to foreign countries. This program covers all expenses involved in obtaining the information about the subject. If a team gets an excellence award or great award, they are given a chance to enter LG or a chance to do an internship in LG. Because of this, the ratio of participants to award recipients is 21:1.
In general, the team from a university explains the program. As POSTECH had not selected before, POSTECH had not had any chance to receive information about the event. To resolve this inbalanced opportunity, LG announced that the university with the most likes on the LG Global Challenger Facebook page could host the event. Thanks to the initiatives of Jeong Jin-a (CHEM 14), POSTECH provided the most likes and LG held the competition at POSTECH.

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