Review: the 90 issue
Review: the 90 issue
  • Seo Jung Won (ME 15)
  • 승인 2016.03.09 19:27
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Our Attitude to AR and VR Technologies
This article is attractive to me because I’m interested in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augment Reality) technology. These technologies have potential and can be used in various fields. VR technology is often used in the game market. VR technology makes people feel intense pleasure. So many computer gamers wish that VR technology could be used more in games. The representative device is Oculus, which is introduced in more detail in this article. I want to have Oculus to feel extreme pleasure. I feel great even though I only dream of it.
However, it seems like VR satisfying those populations with high expectation to be a tough job. First, if VR technology becomes more popular, more people could develop a game addiction. Because VR technology can realize imagination, people who experience this technology may become trapped in this virtual world and have a hard time escaping. Furthermore, there is high probability of Ripley Syndrome. People who often experience VR technology can think that they become protagonist in virtual space. But, actually, they are just ordinary people. People addicted to VR technology can feel separated between reality and virtual space. So people have to be careful about using VR devices.
Comparing VR and AR technology, I think AR technology is better than VR because AR technology can be related to real life. It shows not only real space but also “augmented” space. People who have smart-phone have experienced AR technology. For example, if I read a book and want to know information about it, I can use AR technology by operating AR application in smart-phone. Besides, the military introduces AR technology to train soldiers in dangerous situations. There is another example of AR technology I learned about as I prepared for a contest related to AR technology last winter vacation. A certain theme park, THE VOID, located in North America uses AR technology. If some theme parks like THE VOID come to Korea, I will be their first customer.
Of course, AR technology also has drawbacks. If people become addicted to them, they may have trouble separating reality and virtual reality. But, they are clearly attractive technology in the 21st century. Scientists have to learn more about problems related to VR and AR, and people must know such double-sidedness of these technologies. Then, VR and AR technology will be developed more and more. I hope POSTECH leads VR and AR technology in the near future.
Also, I really thank The Postech Times for allowing me to join reader reviews and hope that The Postech Times continues to produce a high quality and interesting newspaper.