No Candidate for Dorm-Union, How to Cope with it
No Candidate for Dorm-Union, How to Cope with it
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2016.01.01 23:57
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On Nov. 9-10, Postechians voted for the president of the UA and the FUA. Naturally, the election for the president of the Dormitory Student Union must be conducted at the same time. However, it could not be held since there was no candidate. The Postech Times investigated why no one applied and how the Election Commission copes with the absence of a candidate.
From 2011 to 2014 a candidate for the dorm-union has existed every year. The candidate was elected without competition because there was only one candidate each year. In this year, however, no one applied to be a candidate for the president of the Dormitory Student Union.
One of the reasons is the limited qualification to apply it. For the application, a candidate must be a member of the dorm-union and have lived in the dormitory for over 3 semesters, which regulates the application of the students. Considering that dorm-union is small and few members are there, the reason why no one applied it is somewhat predictable. Following the regulation of the dorm-union, in the case of absence of a candidate, a re-election must be implemented within 3 weeks, but  no one has applied to be a candidate either. According to the rule for this situation, the current president acts as a proxy.
The election management commission firstly announced that the election for the dorm-union was canceled. However, soon after they made another announcement that it was delayed until March 2016, which  a little confused students.
It is rare to have more than two candidates in election in POSTECH. Postechians often have no choice when they elect a leader. For more improved POSTECH, more participation is needed.