Why High School Students appear in POSTECH Cafeteria
Why High School Students appear in POSTECH Cafeteria
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2016.01.01 23:57
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In these days, it is common to see many high school students in student cafeteria. They are from Pohang Jecheol Technology High School. According to POSTECH Food Services, POSTECH is allowing them to eat in the student cafeteria from Dec. 14 – Feb. 4 because the cafeteria of the high school is under renovation during that period.
All of the high school students live in dormitory, so they need a big cafeteria that can accommodate them. Actually about 450 students come to POSTECH every meal except weekend and holidays. The middle school next to the high school is also under renovation and other schools are too far to travel to within their 40 minute lunch period.
However, it has already been agreed that Postechians remain the priority, so Postechians can eat without lining up for long time. They do not need to stand behind high school students. Some students are worried about an overcrowded cafeteria, especially during during other camps in POSTECH including Potential camp and freshmen orientation. However, the period when the high school students come will end in the first week of February, so the problem will be prevented.
Furthermore, POSTECH Food Services said they prepare enough food to serve Postechians and high school students, so Postechians need not worry about the cafeteria running out of certain foods.