Research Manpower Grows in iEGSEMP
Research Manpower Grows in iEGSEMP
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2015.11.04 16:13
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Presidents Doh-Yeon Kim (POSTECH), Sung Nak in (SNU), Jeong Kap young (Yonsei Univ.), and Jung Moo young (UNIST) began to cooperate with TU Dresden for international joint research. Those universities exchanged declarations of intent for the establishment of iEGSEMP (international Excellence Graduate School on Emerging Materials and Process) Korea. Following the declaration of intent, they are going to research several fields like electronics, energy, medical technology, etc. which are applied to material science. Twenty scientists selected from the five participating universities will stay at the each other country for 6 months for reinforcing the cooperation.
The exchange of the declarations of intent is the result of an international cooperative research vitalization that began with President Park Geun hye’s address at TU Dresden. This exchange was achieved at the Korea-Germany Joint Conference, in which the president of POSTECH, UNIST and TU Dresden attended.
President Kim said that iEGSEMP Korea will provide a chance to establish an international network between Korean researchers and those of other countries. Researchers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their competence, and the cooperation between Korea and Germany will be strengthened.