Multicolor Photoacoustic Lymphangiography
Multicolor Photoacoustic Lymphangiography
  • Reporter Jo Han-seong
  • 승인 2015.10.07 20:21
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Team of Professor Chulhong Kim (CiTE) developed a new photoacoustic lymphangiography technology that can take much clearer and sharper images than conventional lymphangiography. They focused on the fact that although investigating accurate distribution of lymph nodes is crucial for diagnosing various diseases, it is hard to detect complicated lymph nodes with conventional lymphangiography that use radiation or fluorescence.
Based on the fact that the two organic nanomaterial naphthalocyanine 707nm and 860nm have different near infrared ray absorbancy, the research team were able to take a clear image of separated lymph nodes by using photoacoustic imaging system and the two nonmaterial simultaneously. The research result was published in the latest issue of the journal Biomaterials, an authoritative international journal in the field of biomaterials.