Invisibility Capes Coming Soon
Invisibility Capes Coming Soon
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2015.09.23 13:05
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Professor Hu-Jong Lee (PHYS), Doctor  Gil-Ho Lee, who is a postdoc in Harvard, and Park Geon-heong (Ph.D. candidate) succeeded to make electrons reflect negatively, which was announced in Nature Physics on Sep. 14. The negative refraction is the phenomena that if a material is possible to make the light on it reflect negatively, the light will bend in an informal direction so that it does not collide with the material or reflect and go to the opposite site. This theory could be applied to develop invisibility capes and a super lens through which people could see nano-particles.
The research team enhanced carrier mobility of graphene with inserting graphene film between boron nitride single crystal films. They discovered “Veselago lensing,” a phenomenon in which a current from a point electrode of graphene is focused on the other point electrode. Prof. Lee said, “This method makes it possible to regulate the current flow in a conductor with high mobility, which brings innovation to the development of new ballistic electronic devices that can be operated at room temperature”.
This research was supported by the Korea Research Foundation.