Review: Campus- How Did People Spend Their Vacation?
Review: Campus- How Did People Spend Their Vacation?
  • Park Mun-su (CE 19)
  • 승인 2015.09.23 13:03
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As Postechians are really busy during semester, it is natural for them to eagerly look forward to the vacation. Also, university students can have long vacations for about two months unlike those of high school students. However, it is hard to feel satisfaction in having a nice vacation for many people. At that time, I saw an article concerning how Postechians spent their vacation and how many goals Postechians achieved during vacation. It seemed useful for many students including myself.
In the article, there were seven stories which were all different from each other. As I expected, some people took a trip. 3 out of 7 people had a unique trip. First, there was a student who participated in Rail-Ro program. When we buy a ticket for Rail-Ro, we can freely take a train for 7 days or 5 days. It is useful and cheap for traveling many places during short period. Many students have experience in participating in this program. Meanwhile, a student had a distinct trip by going glamping, which is a combination of glamorous and camping. Unlike ordinary camping, glamping gives people everything they need like meat, tools, and tent. It looked really attractive to me.
What looked like a Postechians’ vacation, a student invested his vacation in research. According to the article, this student tried to develop “controllable radiosonde system using rocket”. In fact, it is hard to concentrate on the research during semester as an undergraduate because of many classes and homework. It should be worthwhile to spend a vacation on participating in undergraduate research program. Also, our school holds POSTECH scholarship for these students. Thus, it is possible to achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone.
Unlike other people, there was a unique story of a student who didn’t do anything during the summer vacation. He said that he used most of his time playing games and watching movies. It seemed meaningless at first, but after reading this article, I came to think it was necessary. Actually, it is hard to watch TV programs or reading favorite books during semester. However, we can do everything without burdens from homework. As the original purpose of vacation is to relax, recharging one’s body and soul without doing anything is also a nice plan for vacation.
 After reading all stories about the vacation of 7 students which were all unique and fun, I regretted my vacation a little. Although I tried to have an impressive vacation, it was hard to achieve all things at once. I think I will have a greater vacation next time than this summer vacation by referring to this article. It would be fun and efficient.