Reporter Column: Understanding Failure through POSTECH-KAIST Science War
Reporter Column: Understanding Failure through POSTECH-KAIST Science War
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2015.09.23 13:03
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In this POSTECH-KAIST Science War, POSTECH got second, which could also be considered failing to win against KAIST. Maybe, people who have watched the result of POSTECH-KAIST Science War think that POSTECH always loses in the festival. However, if they understand the situation more clearly, they will realize the result is not just losing the game. Potechians did their best.
Since I am a sophomore Postechian, I saw POSTECH-KAIST Science War both last year and this year. In both festivals, POSTECH failed to defeat KAIST. Last year, POSTECH’s loss was determined on the first day. POSTECH was defeated in soccer, Artificial intelligence, E-Sports (League of Legends), and hacking, which was enough to really frustrate Postechians. However, they were not frustrated. Rather, they cheered up and played more passionately. The result was that POSTECH won more of the games on the second day. In this festival, the victory and defeat was determined on the morning of the second day. However, Postechians also did not give up the festival. POSTECH won the science quiz and soccer match on the second day.
As a member of the festival preparation committee, I could see the passion of Postechians who cheered, who played, prepared the festival, and really wanted to win. As a result, I concluded POSTECH did not fail. ‘Failure’ is not appropriate in this case. It is suitable to those who do not do their best to cheer, play, prepare, and wish. Also, POSTECH was not blown away by KAIST. POSTECH won three games of seven last year and this year. Rather than saying POSTECH was defeated, it seems more appropriate to say POSTECH finished second.
In my case, I was frustrated after I entered POSTECH because I barely kept my GPA high enough to maintain my scholarship. I complained about how foolish I was, compared with my friends. However, after the festival, I decided to do my best without comparing myself to others. In your life, the same principle could be applied. ‘Failure’ is a word that should be used to describe those who do not do their best. Although the world remembers only the first place, perseverance and persistence are important. If you try hard to do better, you can be the winner in your mind. How about being a true winner, not pursuing to being the first?