Why Driver’s License Examination Should be Easier
Why Driver’s License Examination Should be Easier
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2015.09.23 13:00
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People save time by using transportation. But the faster the transportation is, the more dangerous it is. Because of the potential danger, people should get a license before operating a vehicle. What if the course of getting license were simplified? The Korean government simplified the course of getting a driver’s license in 2011. How has it affected traffic safety? This article examines how it was simplified and the results of the simplification. 
The main difference is the time requirements. Before the change, all drivers had 15 hours of classroom education and 10 hours or actual driving. Time requirements were reduced to 2 hours and 6 hours, respectively. This seemed to create a situation in which students would not have enough time to study sufficiently. The lists of places students must drive was reduced from 11 locations to 2 locations. The motivation for the change was to place more personal responsibility on drivers by covering only the basic safety issues.
According to a paper on traffic violations since the driver’s license system simplification written by Kang Gyung Mi, Kim Do Gyeong, and Park Young Soo, traffic accidents and violations traffic have decreased since the change. According to this paper, the number of accidents was reduced from 68,526 to 55,279, which means the simplification of driver’s license exam didn’t lead to more accidents.
The authors of the paper used the Survival Model. By specifying a survival function and a hazard function, it can calculate four to five and years ahead. As a result of this model, they found that the number of accidents will be reduced and the time until occurrence of first accident will also be reduced. Teenagers made the biggest improvements in following regulations. The biggest improvement was seat belt use, which is the simplest and the most basic safety procedure of driving.
Although the simplification did not result in more accidents, it showed the occurrence of first accidents (that did take place) was faster than before. It seems like the government should improve education on how drivers can operate vehicles more safely. If this is covered, drivers will be able to safely start driving more quickly and conveniently than they were in the past.