Which Concept is the Most Interesting in 2015 Sunrise Festival?
Which Concept is the Most Interesting in 2015 Sunrise Festival?
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2015.06.03 14:21
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On May 13 - 15, the Sunrise Festival was held. For the festival, several departments’ freshmen prepared dances while the sophomores of each department prepared a bar with a unique concept and particular alcohols, mostly based on soju, makgeolli (raw rice wine) or beer. Most of the Postechians, surveyed for this article, answered that during the festival they enjoyed bars of the departments of CSE, LIFE, EE, and CE. Total 79 people surveyed for this article.
Alcohol & food : The Department of CSE mixed chocolate, sparkling apple juice, and coolpis, a non-alcohol drink with juicy flavor, with soju. However, their specialty was not their alcohol, even though people who participated in the survey liked their alcohols. They impressed customers by selling meat. The Department of LIFE sold special drink with mixing makgeolli with cream, banana, and yogurt. Several survey participants chose the mixed makgeolli as their favorite alcohols, which may be thought because of sweet and delicious taste of mixed makgeolli. Citron soju, which is a traditional alcohol of CE, was chosen as the best alcohol. Actually, many bars sold citron soju, but the idea originally came from CE and its tastes as much as its fame.
Unique concept : In addition to special alcohols, each bar showed their own concepts to make people recognize their bars. The bar of LIFE was chosen as the best. Servers wore traditional Korean clothes, Han-bok. In Sunrise festival there is a tradition that when an acquaintance comes to the bar, a member of the bar, who knows him well, pays for the acquaintance and serves the acquaintance food and alcohol. There was a funny rule in treating acquaintance in LIFE bar. The bar made a rule that before acquaintance was treated, he had to be whipped like flogging with a stick in Cho-sun dynasty. The Department of EE changed people’s concept of a “bar”. They created a retro style club with music and dancing that matched the theme. With grapefruit beer, which EE sold, the atmosphere of the bar seemed perfect according to survey.
Other departments presented various themes, foods and drinks, but none was as popular as those mentioned above.
There were a few complaints about the festival. The Department of MSE created a host bar with servers wore mesh stockings. Some people felt this uncomfortable rather than interesting. In general, limited seating made it hard for everyone to enjoy the festival and some students thought the prices were unreasonably high cost. Sophomores complained that preparing bars limited their time, so they could not enjoy the festival as much as they devoted their time to prepare bars, and it was the hardest for them to treat financial problems between peers, which created some conflicts. Before the 2010 festival, bars stayed open as late as 5a.m., but now all bars must close at 2a.m. Festival is a place where many people participate, so their different personalities and preferences make it difficult to resolve all of extra problems in addition to those mentioned above.