Interim Check of the Campaign Promises of Student Body
Interim Check of the Campaign Promises of Student Body
  • Reporter Jo Han-seong
  • 승인 2015.06.03 11:51
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Most Postechians might have voted for the present representative of Student Body last year. As a result, Lee Wonjong (IME 13) was elected as the 29th representative of Student Body. He made various campaign promises during the campaign period. Postechians have the right to know the extent to which he has delivered on his promises. Therefore, The Postech Times interviewed the representative Lee Wonjong  about some major campaign promises and their current progress.
The first campaign promise is generating the KaKaotalk Yellow ID. One of the fundamental problems occurring in promoting their business is the low participation of students. There are conventional communication methods such as Facebook and PosB but these are ineffective. To overcome this problem, Student Body’s Central Executive Committee created a Yellow ID. The committee’s policy is to send out about 10 announcements monthly and additional announcements in urgent situations. Moreover, the committee is receiving students’ questions and reports of inconvenience and is endeavoring to make improvements. Also, it is planning to gradually conduct surveys on the satisfaction and user-friendliness of the service. Lastly, it is holding giveaway events via KaKaotalk Friend and the committee plans to continue using KaKaotalk Friend next year.
The second promise is “Wishes come true”. Actually, this service has been in progress since the 28th Student Body. Last year, the previous Student Body underwent some trials and errors, but the service had not seen noticeable progress since it is a long-term project and a year was insufficient to obtain actual effects of the project. However, the current Student Body has emphasized this service and brought about student wishes through it. One example is the installation of guardrails for the stairs in the LG building. In this year, it has established the “Bureau of Policy Realization”, which is in charge of the service. The Student Body completed surveys on wish lists, prioritized policies, and shared the data with the Department of Admissions and Student Affairs. Additionally, it is striving to collect feedbacks from Postechians and fulfill their wishes.
The third promise is “Hello, Infographic”. To ameliorate traditional announcing methods, the Student Body adopted a technique called “Infographic”. For this service, the Student Body established a new department called “Publicity Department”, which is a part of the Central Executive Committee. Until now, infographics of the budget bill of this year’s first quarter and monthly operational report were produced and uploaded on the Student Body archive. One problem with this promise is that design skills cannot be improved in short periods. Since March, the Publicity Department has been operating design class and is expecting practical advancements through the education.
As stated above, the Student Body and its representatives are working hard to carry out their promises. However, since not all the promises have been carried out completely, they should continue working hard to keep their word.