Pledge as a New Reporter of The Postech Times
Pledge as a New Reporter of The Postech Times
  • Reporter Lee Il-bong
  • 승인 2015.04.08 17:51
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I spent a lot of time before I decided to apply for the reporter position at The Postech Times. I know that being a reporter is not just like joining a club, and I know that it brings both a responsibility and heavy workload. Every senior that I met told me about that. Anyway, I finally decided to apply and I’m so glad that I have become a new member of The Postech Times. The familiar and relaxed mood strongly influenced my decision. Now, I have become a reporter. I am excited to work hard as a new member of The Postech Times. Below are my resolutions and aspirations as a new reporter.
First of all, I will never forget my responsibility as a reporter. I was appointed as a reporter and it implies more than just a join-in. I’m paid for my articles and it means that I have a responsibility to write high-quality, informative articles every two to three weeks. Therefore, I promise here, I will never miss the deadline. I have heard the most important virtues of reporter are speed and accuracy. I will deliver the accurate news as quickly as possible.
Also, I will keep studying English and polish my sentences to deliver the text concisely. My current writing sometimes contains unnecessarily long explanations, which might hinder what I originally tried to convey. I will read as many English texts as possible so that my sentences can be read easily no matter who reads the article. Professional vocabulary should be also improved as a reporter for the same context. I will develop my English skills to write the suitable articles for The Postech Times.
Lastly, as a new reporter, I will learn many things and accumulate my experience to become a reporter who always completes his assigned roles. For the first year as a new reporter, I will write various articles and for the next few years, I hope I become a good senior who helps the juniors much. I am sure that I can reach my goal, the good senior, if I stick to what I mentioned above. I would like to thank all The Postech Times seniors for appointing me as a new reporter. I hope we can make a great English newspaper that is widely-read and enjoyed by many people.