Self-introduction and Determination as a The Postech Times New Reporter
Self-introduction and Determination as a The Postech Times New Reporter
  • Reporter Jo Han-seong
  • 승인 2015.04.08 17:51
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The Postech Times newspaper was the first document I saw after I entered POSTECH, if my memory serves me right. The newspaper booths were placed in various, highly noticeable spots like the Residential College (RC) and the student union building. I have read The Postech Times with sincere interest. I was interested in writing news articles so I participated in the English newspaper club when I was in middle school and high school. The reason I was interested in writing news articles was because of the fact that my articles are published and are read by numerous people. However, some limitations existed. I was not given adequate environments to write news articles. Also, it was nearly impossible to interview someone who was not the school member. So, the school newspaper was not significantly different from notifications. Also, I was busy finishing the study load and preparing for high school and university.
I heard about The Postech Times during orientation and was informed that reporters are paid and are given the opportunity to travel other countries to write news articles. Moreover, I was told that I could interview celebrities and politicians and would get professional instructions from senior reporters and the professor editor. The ambiance among reporters also seemed harmonious. Those benefits were too attractive for me to pass up and fortified my captivation in The Postech Times.
There are some determinations I want to declare as a new reporter. The first determination is to write high quality articles. I will enhance my English skills and news writing skills to deliver concise and informative articles. I am paid for writing articles, so I should endeavor to make the articles be worth it and have strong sense of responsibility. In addition, I will try to make no or very few errors and avoid delivering widely known and general information. Unlike in the past, I have more time and better equipment, so I will strive to find useful and practical article topics. Finally, I will work hard to build affinity with other reporters, staff, and all people related to publishing the newspaper. Those amicable relationships will result in a harmonious The Postech Times. Incidentally, The Postech Times is the only group I have joined in POSTECH. Hence, I can assure readers and colleagues that I can devote a big portion of my spare time to The Postech Times.