School Society Welfare Tickets: Are They Really Useful?
School Society Welfare Tickets: Are They Really Useful?
  • Reporter Kwon Na-eun
  • 승인 2015.04.08 17:50
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The value of school welfare society tickets has been an issue among Postechians because some students think they have some inconvenient features. The Postech Times had a poll on the value of school welfare society tickets from Mar. 15 - Mar. 24 to get students’ opinions.
A total of 119 students participated in the poll. The first question asked whether they have ever used the tickets. About 62.2% of students answered “Yes” and the rest answered “No”. For those, who answered “Yes”, the second question was how they got the tickets. About 32.8% of them got the tickets as rewards for events from a school department and about 10.1% from a school contest. Only 0.8% answered personal purchase and the remaining 18.5% answered “Etcetera”. The third question asked, “Which one do you think is more appropriate to receive as a reward from the school: cash or the ticket?” About 52.9% of students answered cash and 42% answered the ticket. It had similar rate.
However, the answering ratio became interesting on the fourth question, which was, “Which one is more valuable: cash or the ticket?” About 77.3% of them answered that cash is more valuable than the ticket, 16% answered they have the same value, only 3.4% of people answered that the ticket is more valuable than cash.
The fifth question asked whether they had any inconvenience while using the tickets. About 32.8% of them answered “Yes” and 66.4% of them answered “No”. For those who answered “Yes”, we asked the reason for the inconveniences they had experienced. There were mainly four reasons. The first reason was time requirement. When paying with the ticket, the customer must write the place, cashier name, used cost, remaining cost, date, etc. on the back of the paper. People refuse to do so when they are in peak times or when there are a lot of people in line. The second reason is  equivocal remaining cost. For example, if the remaining cost is 330 KRW, there is nothing to buy. It is not even cash so it is much more inconvenient. The third reason is the limitation of usable places. The ticket is only accepted in school areas and even some places in school do not accept the ticket. The fourth reason is that students often forget to bring tickets with them since many are used to using cards. There were a few other reasons but these four were the main reasons.
The last question asked if they have any idea for the improvement. Again, there were four main ideas. The first was about simplifying the required writing form so that students can save time. The second was about receiving the remaining amount as cash when they use over a particular amount of money. The opinion about this particular amount varied but the idea was the same. The third was about increasing the number of usable places. There was an idea about having partnerships with a few restaurants outside of school or at least making it available to use the ticket anywhere in school. The last idea was digitalizing the ticket. Quite a few students gave the opinion that utilizing card or student card instead of paper ticket would be much more convenient. Students would appreciate if the school welfare society ticket were improved with these ideas.