2015 POSTECH Matriculation Ceremony
2015 POSTECH Matriculation Ceremony
  • Reporter Kwon Na-eun
  • 승인 2015.03.04 17:29
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On Feb. 27, all POSTECH members were cordially invited to the Matriculation Ceremony for the 2015 academic year. It was held from 11 A.M. to 11:50 A.M. in the Auditorium. Before the ceremony officially began, students and professors donned gowns and academic regalia, like they have in every previous ceremony. A total of 824 new students (326 B.A., 131 M.S., 88 Ph.D., and 279 M.S. - Ph.D. integrated program candidates) matriculated. The Matriculation Ceremony was emceed by Jung-eun Lim (IME 12) and Seong-joon Jung (LIFE 13). It began with an opening proclamation and introduction of the guests. Then, attendees recited the pledge of allegiance and sang the national anthem. After the vice president of academic affairs gave a report on academic affairs in Korean with English subtitles on the screen, the freshmen representative, Han Gumin (LIFE 15), proclaimed the freshmen oath. Following the oath, President Kim gave the matriculation address. He said, “Being a Postechian means being a pioneer who is not satisfied with a cozy life in the present and who is not afraid of new challenges.” Also, he mentioned, “POSTECH is trying to raise start-ups to proliferate entrepreneurial spirit and culture to the university in general and to commercialize results in various researches through technology transfer and business.” He said he hopes freshmen will take advantage of this opportunity, leading from the front. Dr. In Soo Ko delivered the congratulatory address. It was a special lecture titled “POSTECH & Pohang Accelerator Laboratory.” Dr. Ko explained the challenges that prevented China from completing such a laboratory and how POSTECH was able to make this vision a reality. He used this story to challenge those in attendance to think big and be patient and persistent as they pursue their dreams. The conferral of the Domun Scholarship by President Kim followed the lecture. Jin-ho Park (CHEM 14) received honors and awards. Last but not least, freshmen sang the first two verses of University Song and the ceremony was concluded with closing remarks. After the ceremony, an orientation for parents and a luncheon was held at POSCO International Center. There was also a photo session in front of the Auditorium where attendees could have taken pictures before moving to the luncheon.