A Great Opportunity to Learn Viewpoints of Other Countries
A Great Opportunity to Learn Viewpoints of Other Countries
  • Park Do-won / Math 13
  • 승인 2015.03.04 17:24
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The Postech Times annually visits universities in foreign countries. Articles from the visits have been an opportunity for Postechians to experience various cultures and become familiar with actual tendencies of the world. As well, this feature had lots of information which is difficult for Postechians to reach.
The first article, "Interview, Peking University’s International Student", might be very helpful for students preparing study-abroad in graduate school in China. Stories about difficulties as an international student, advantages, and differences of studying in China were vivid. Meanwhile, I think that it would have been a more informative interview if it provided details about getting a scholarship in China rather than the interviewee’s course after graduation, as this seems to be fairly personal. Studying abroad with a scholarship is a truly great achievement. So, advice about the process of applying for a scholarship from the Chinese government or the scholarship requirements would be valuable help for many Postechians.
The other article, "Fresh View Point: See China from China", was also refreshing. Of course, it would have seemed more professional if it had been based on an interview with a professor in the field of related majors, but opinions from a student, majoring in political diplomacy, are also informative. Reading this article, I thought that if The Postech Times had investigated Postechians’ points of curiosity about the country and university it planned to visit during the vacation, a better interview could have been made. For example, I want to ask students of foreign universities about the level of awareness of POSTECH and other Korean universities. Also, admission officers of foreign universities could give detailed advice about studying in China.
The last article, "No. 1 Imitation Culture of China", was very instructive. Everyone knows that China is a cradle of the majority of imitation products in the world. However, after adding expert’s knowledge and various real cases to the common sense, the article became a report containing novel information. Personally, I want The Postech Times to deliver more articles like this because Postechians have little chance to encounter knowledge or news in social science. So, as a spokesperson of students who want these contents, The Postech Times should visit more opinion leaders and transcribe their insights in articles. The more reporters explore, the more Postechians’ thirst for knowledge of the world will be relieved.