“Rolls” to Improve Efficiency of Graphene Production
“Rolls” to Improve Efficiency of Graphene Production
  • Reporter Kwon Na-eun
  • 승인 2015.02.13 15:28
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Professor Kilwon Cho (CE), Hyojin Bong, and Dr. Sae Byeok Jo have developed a new synthetic method for mass production of large-area graphene films. This was featured on the cover of the famous international journal Nanoscale. Graphene has very high electrical conductivity, solidity, and thermal conductivity. However, until now, researchers had to consume too much time, energy, and raw material to produce sufficient amounts of large-area graphene films. The researchers determined that rolling the catalytic foils improves the productivity of graphene synthesis since it makes a micron-scale gap between catalyst surfaces. Also, the imprisonment of gaseous carbon, which is the raw material, leads to more collisions with the catalyst and consequently produce more graphene with less raw materials. Prof. Cho emphasized, “This research will bring forward the commercialization of conducting graphene films for use in wearable smart electronic devices.”
This research was supported by the Global Frontier Research Center for Advanced Soft Electronics under the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning.