Postechians Volunteer for Convergence of Art and Science Education
Postechians Volunteer for Convergence of Art and Science Education
  • Reporter Kwon Na-eun
  • 승인 2015.02.13 15:27
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On Jan. 26, POSTECH and Seoul National University of Education (SNUE) went to Pohang Jecheol Jigok Elementary School for convergence of art & science education. Twenty students from each university participated, and the theme was, “Real-life story with students of POSTECH and SNUE.” Volunteers were split into 5 groups: science, math, practical course, English, and art.
The university students were together from Jan. 24 to prepare educational programs. The main programs included egg drop, math marble (board game similar to Monopoly), making sandwiches, completing pop lyrics, and making mottled light boxes. About 120 elementary students participated with 40 volunteers of POSTECH and SNUE. Also, after the camp, volunteers had membership training to become better acquainted with each other. One of the participants, Seorim Lee (CSE 14), said it was hard to teach young students. However, she was very pleased when they showed active responses to what she had prepared. Also, she had fun talking with new people from other universities. Another participant, Eunjae Lee (LIFE 13), said he had fun spending time with kids but wished more time and energy could have been spent to make flawless programs.