A Little Step to Make more Honorable Postechians
A Little Step to Make more Honorable Postechians
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2014.12.03 07:30
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The second context exhibition for practice of learning ethics by using poster or UCC was held from Nov. 7- Nov. 17. The purpose of this exhibition is to raise awareness among Postechians about cheating and to form wholesome learning ethics. The focus was how to form sound habits related to examinations, assignments, writing reports, and class participation. Also, etiquette in class and public places and ethics for engineers were addressed.
Applying for the contest varies according to whether participants submit a poster or UCC. Posters must include an image and words. The image can be created manually or on a computer. The quality of the image isn’t as important as the degree to which it expresses the desired message. In case of UCC, photo story or video of around two minutes is allowed. The first prize of 200,000 KRW (per person) was given to Yu Sun Chung (LIFE 12) & Mun Dong Jin (LIFE 12). The second prize of 150,000 KRW was given to Jinyoung Yeo (CSE M.S.-Ph.D. Integrated candidate). The third prize of 100,000 KRW was each given to Kim dokyoung (CE 12), and Jeon Seung Won (CHEM 12).