3D Printing; Turning Point of Medical Treatment
3D Printing; Turning Point of Medical Treatment
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2014.11.19 11:10
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POSTECH researcher team led by Professor Cho Dong Woo (ME) cooperated with Prof. Lee Jong Won (The Catholic Univ. of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s hospital) and Yon Soo Yun (T&R Biofab) successfully completed a project in which a special structure made by 3D printing technology regenerated to real bone through a physical transplant.  The material used was endoprothese. It slowly decomposes in the body while supporting bone regeneration and being changed in to real born.
First, the team analyzed CT printing and used 3D printing to design the structure for perfect regeneration. The patient, who is in The Catholic Univ. of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, was able to recover the normal position of the eye, and has been able to live a normal life without discomforts.
Research on the production of artificial organs or structure for regeneration using 3D printing is taking place in several nations. Regardless of the amount research, the number of transplants is quite limited. As cosmetic surgery requires a delicate form of structure, this case is the first in the world. If the project is still deemed successful after a year, it could become the basis of customized medical production using 3D printing technology and realization of organ restoring.