Time Runs like “Usain Bolt”
Time Runs like “Usain Bolt”
  • Reporter Lee Ji-a
  • 승인 2014.10.15 07:45
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Reporter Column
A saying, “Money cannot buy time,” is right. Even Bill Gates cannot go back to his youth. It shows how important time is. First-semester freshmen in POSTECH are very busy meeting people in order to become a part of their department, section, and clubs. Also, almost all freshmen in the Department of MSE, MATH, CHEM, CE, IME practice dances for the Sunrise Festival. In the second semester, there are main performances of each club, such as dances, plays, orchestras, concerts, etc. So they spend a lot of time preparing for their performances. Then they become sophomores. Sophomores are also busy because they begin learning major subjects, and in POSTECH sophomores prepare everything related to the Sunrise Festival. Especially this year, the Sunrise Festival was postponed to second semester so in the second semester, both the KAIST-POSTECH Science War and Sunrise Festival were held. After midterm exams, many clubs will have performances. At the same time homework is continuously assigned. If Postechians only follow the festive mood, they will have a bitter taste with their grades and perhaps even scholarship. Juniors and seniors are always busy preparing for their future. Freshmen fly through the years and find themselves graduating in a flash. So spending time without regrets is the most important thing. Then how can we spend time wisely?
Many people regretfully ask themselves, “What did I do when I was an undergraduate student?” To avoid this feeling in the future, decide at least one thing you want to accomplish each semester. After that, plan concrete steps that must be achieved each month, week, and day, and remind yourself of your goal every morning. Homework and club activities may often be added to your list. Divide these responsibilities and plan wisely. Sometimes because of appointments with friends and going home you cannot always complete your plan. If you cannot do everything you have planned for the day, try to at least finish it during the same week. (Avoid postponing something to another week.) After one year, you will have accomplished two big goals. 
In addition, do not waste even small periods of time. Between classes there is a 15-minute break. The time is enough to solve 2~3 problems of homework or work on something. As the time accumulates, it becomes significant. Also concentrate on one thing. In Tae-Joon Park Digital Library some students look at SNS when studying. They cannot study deeply and look at SNS not setting their mind at ease. They can not do both things. Everyone knows that, but it is difficult to put this knowledge into practice. How about putting it into practice for at least a few times each day? Time to go. I hope these tips gradually increase your time.