Interview with the Chairman of Festival Prep. Committee, Lee Jun Ho
Interview with the Chairman of Festival Prep. Committee, Lee Jun Ho
  • Reporter Chung Sung-joon
  • 승인 2014.10.15 07:43
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FEATURE: The Sunrise Festival Revives as the Autumn Festival

The 2014 Autumn Festival took place on Oct. 3-4, as a replacement of the Sunrise Festival that was absent in the first semester. The Postech Times interviewed Lee Jun Ho (ME 12), the Chairman of the Festival Prep.

Committee about his opinion towards the festival, and also obtained Postechians’ opinion about the festival. 

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What is the theme of this Autumn Festival?
Unfortunately, there is no specific theme for the festival this year. The Festival Prep. Committee has just decided on a motto: “Joyful People Making an Exciting Story” since all we want is to make sure that Postechians let go of their stress from the hurdles they have been facing from school work. This festival will be memorable to all Postechians when all involved play their part to make this special occasion prosperous.

If there is any, what are some of the changes that have been made?
When I heard about the news that the Sunrise Festival was cancelled in the first semester, I was both disappointed and depressed because it meant that all the freshmen will be missing a golden opportunity to experience what a typical university festival is like. Owing to the fact that this Autumn Festival is only two days long, unlike the Sunrise Festival which lasts for three days, we were not able to organize many events, for instance, inviting a celebrity performer. The Committee has decided to select the best-of-the-best programs such as various afternoon and evening booths, performances by clubs, and POSKING, the POSTECH annual talent show.

What did you find most challenging?
I must say that the main source of the problem of the Autumn Festival is the fact that it is not an “official” event in the 2014 academic schedule -it was a last-minute (yet thorough) decision made by the university board members to hold the Autumn Festival in the second semester. Many committee members, including myself, had no choice but to skip some lectures as we had to supervise construction of temporary stages and booths. Heavy workloads (making announcements, relocating chairs and tables, etc.) involving a lot of time and/or labor were assigned to the Prep. Committee. Members sacrificed their time to make this festival as good as possible.