Apply Capillary to Increase Productivity
Apply Capillary to Increase Productivity
  • Reporter Choi Na-youn
  • 승인 2014.09.25 20:13
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Dongwhi Choi (ME Ph.D. candidate), advised by Professor Dong Sung Kim, was awarded the Best Paper Award in the International Symposium on Green Manufacturing and Applications, ISGMA 2014, held from Jun. 24-28 in Busan.
He announced his thesis, “Development of a Capillary-Based Preconcentration Device by using Ion concentration Polarization”. It explains how to make the device by using Ion concentration Polarization, which increases the volume of the device up to 150 times of the previous volume. This research is expected to contribute much to the increase in productivity. He was very pleased to receive this award in the International Symposium and promised that he will go all out in his future research. He has also announced several theses in other contests, including the Human Tech Paper Award and the competition overseen by METERIC, a construction and mechanic research institute.
The symposium focused on enviro- nmentally-friendly manufacturing, enhancing production, and saving energy technologies and their applications.