Stress Never Changes, but Attitude Can
Stress Never Changes, but Attitude Can
  • Reporter Gyak Ki-won
  • 승인 2014.09.25 20:11
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Many Postechians suffer from stress every day. Most of the things around us can be a source of stress. Someone consider study time stressful and the others think drinking parties are the most stressful. Sometimes, even your boyfriend or girlfriend can be a cause of stress. But people in POSTECH usually do not know how to deal with stress efficiently. Usually, they just evade the stress and try to forget the stress without a clear solution.
Evading stress can be a solution for stress, but it can never be a good solution in the long-term. Solving the essential root of stress is the best way to solve the stress. I would recommend to get rid of the source of stress from your life. However, it is difficult to do so. This is because we are usually overwhelmed by the appearance of stress and it is hard to see the essential core of the stress. Even if we discover the source of stress, sometimes it cannot be removed or is too hard to solve. Then, what can we do? The answer is pretty simple. Change your mind toward stress and share your troubles with your friends.
Sometimes stress can be changed by your mind. If you fall down to a swamp of stress, do not fight with it. Fighting with stress sometimes makes your stress bigger and stronger than before. People usually exaggerate their concern, which makes it much deeper than before. Just try to step aside from the problem and then go back to the problem later on. Then your stress can be reduced. With reduced stress, you will realize that your problem is not as huge as you had thought it was. Then you can find a brilliant way to solve it and it would be much easier than before.
Usually, talking and sharing your matters with friends also can help you to solve the stress. Most of us think the stress that we suffer is our own problem and nobody can empathize with our stress. Amazingly the stress that we have is pretty common among people around us. Friends may experience the same problems and they may know how to deal with it. Do not hesitate to share your stress with friends. Sometimes they can suggest good answers or provide helpful advice. Even though they may have never suffered the similar kind of problem or cannot give much advice, just talking about your concerns with others really helps reduce your stress.
There is nobody who loves stress itself. Everybody wants to live without stress. But life without stress cannot be achieved. Therefore you should know how to deal with it wisely. Stress never changes. People continuously try to escape from it, but it is inevitable. But we can change our attitude toward it through the way we think. Sharing your concerns with others can also help you a lot. After changing your attitude, I am confident that you will feel the difference.