Optimized Application of Space in Lives and Research
Optimized Application of Space in Lives and Research
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok
  • 승인 2014.09.03 19:01
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We live in a limited space. As technology, medical treatment, and science develop at an exponential rate, the size of the world population is skyrocketing. This makes people utilize the limited space more efficiently. Apart from living conditions, application of limited space is significant as well. If scarce resources are used wisely, a lot of profit can be generated even from minor spaces.
Firstly, take a look at the practical use of minor space in our lives. In one’s house, people require furniture and some houses have stairs or attics, which have space of odds and ends. The most famous example is the use of the space underneath the bed. People made storage space that store clothes, socks, towel and so on. Stairs or attics can be used in a similar way. Beds are used in a slightly different way. Among housewives, kitchen-table  furniture is a hot issue as it makes moving line short and, by using the area under the table , she can easily store the dishes.
Some basic problems are backpack problem and bin packing problem in the field of using space. Backpack problem handles how profit can be maximized with a certain constraint. For example, when item 1, 2 and 3 exist and each has its own weight and worth, there is a limit to how much one person can carry in the backpack. The profit of the backpack differs according to which items are in it. The bin packing problem is a little different. For example, there are limited number of object A , and object A needs to be placed in object B. The point here is to pack objects A into B, by using the minimum quantity of B. Bin packing problem is determining minimized pack with constraint object. In this case, as the pack number influences profit directly, decreasing the size used increases profit. For example, when one truck’s cost is two hundred million from one city to another city, maximizing the amount of products in one truck increases profit.
Recently, the use of space is one of fields that is being researched widely. Professor Byung-In Kim (IME) researches transport sales problems. Transport sales problem research aims to optimize time and minimize packing; in this case, the container and the truck. When a firm determines how to transport their materials at the lowest cost, they consider the location and truck number, which is determined by bin packing problem. Prof. Kim was awarded in this field by decreasing the truck number.
Lastly, use of space is considered when a firm builds a factory or when a medical center is constructed. In the case of factory construction, since traffic lines determine productivity, effectiveness, cost and so on, construction process must be considered. In the hospital, the important thing is the arrangement of doctors’ offices. Depending on doctor’s office layout, time of treatment varies and action in emergency may be restricted.
 As using less space increases profit or efficiency, what is important is how to use space more economically. The answer is simple. When you design a house, by buying furniture that is appropriate to little space, you can increase efficiency. The best way is to hire experts in this field.